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Local Bus

Paying the $1.25 fare with your METRO Q® Fare Card, METRO Day Pass, or METRO Money, earns you free transfers in any direction for up to three hours. METRO's local bus service runs mostly along city streets, making stops at every other corner along the designated route. Routes are color-coded based on service frequency during the midday and weekends. Orange indicates weekday peak periods only, during rush-hour.

METRO offers a 50 percent discount on all bus and light-rail service for students, seniors, Medicare cardholders and the disabled. Children ages five and under ride free. Free local bus and rail rides are offered to qualified veterans and to those serving jury duty. All METROLift customers are eligible for the METROLift Freedom Q® Card. Those serving jury duty also ride free.

The red network: These red routes are frequent routes with buses scheduled every 15 minute or less on 22 major routes, at least 15 hours a day – seven days a week.

The blue network: These blue routes operate similarly to the red routes with buses scheduled every 16 to 30 minutes, 18 or more hours a day – seven days a week.

The green network: These green routes offer buses every 31 to 60 minutes, at least 14 hours a day, seven days a week. This is designed to offer broad coverage in areas where there's light ridership.

Find bus schedules here. You can print a map of the entire system here. Explore our system with our interactive service map. This is where you can check out bus routes, rail lines, HOV/HOT lanes, transit centers and bus or rail stops. Click on only the route you want and zoom in for exact bus stops.

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If you pay using your METRO Q® Fare Card, METRO Day Pass, or METRO Money, you get free transfers in any direction for up to three hours. METRO’s light-rail network features 23 miles of fast and efficient light-rail service to some of the region’s most popular destinations:

Red Line (North Line) - Travels from NRG Park to the Texas Medical Center, Museum District, Downtown, Northline and numerous stops in between.

Green Line (East End Line) - Travels along Harrisburg from the Magnolia Transit Center through the Historic East End to a variety of downtown and entertainment and business destinations.

Purple Line (Southeast) - Travels from downtown along Capitol and Rusk to popular destinations such as Texas Southern University and the University of Houston.

Cost to ride is just $1.25 each way.

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Park & Rides

METRO currently offers 27 conveniently located Park & Ride facilities offering direct, nonstop service to downtown, the Texas Medical Center and other major employment centers across the region.

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Our curb-to-curb shared-ride paratransit service provides transportation for persons with disabilities who cannot board, ride or disembark from a METRO fixed-route bus, even if that bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp.

This subscription service is available to qualified applicants only.

METROLift Freedom Q® Card - FREE
All METROLift customers are eligible for this pass, which allows them to ride free on our local buses, Park & Ride and METRORail. Patrons can have one attendant ride along at no cost. Pick up your card at the RideStore, 1900 Main St., Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. METROLift New Fares FAQs >>

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STAR vanpool provides transportation directly to and from work. STAR serves more than 700 routes in an eight-county area. Register online to find a match for your commute, or call 713-224-RIDE to help start a vanpool for your route. STAR offers employers administrative and management support for corporate vanpool programs. 

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HOV / HOT Lanes (Express Lanes)

METRO manages the region’s High Occupancy Vehicle / High Occupancy Toll (HOV / HOT) Lanes, referred to as Express Lanes, on the Southwest, Gulf, North, Eastex and Northwest freeways.

METRO's Express Lanes allow drivers with two or more occupants or solo drivers who pay a toll to use these lanes during scheduled times.

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Bike & Ride

METRO allows cyclists to bring their bikes on our buses and trains.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a weekday bike commuter, METRO helps you bike and ride to the office or to get your errands or exercise in.

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Transit Centers

METRO’s 21 Houston area Transit Centers serve as waiting areas for passengers. These “hubs” allow riders to board a bus or transfer from one route to another to reach their ultimate destination.