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Transportation is an important, and often expensive, part of a school preparing for a Field Trip. METRO service can be the transportation solution, saving money while expanding the educational trip to include transit skills students can take with them for a lifetime. With many METRO bus routes and the rail lines having capacity at the same time most field trips are conducted, METRO wants to help you plan your trip on METRO, and if you follow a few of our guidelines, ride for free as an approved Group Field Trip.

Program Information

  • METRO's field trip coordinator can help you plan your Field Trip, set up your itinerary and send the approval for free rides.
  • We suggest you coordinate your trip a few weeks in advance, but please contact us at least one week in advance if you want to ride free as part of our Group Field Trips Program.
  • If we can work out an agreeable time with you, our field trip coordinator can come to your classroom and give a short How To Ride presentation, preferably within the week before your trip.
    • Option – our website / online feature of safe and responsible riding.
  • METRO can comfortably accommodate groups of 25 riders of less on a Local bus or rail car during the hours of the free Field Trips Program (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) If you have larger groups, we can help you with by staggering travel times within our existing service or using different, adjacent service.
  • METRO will limit the number of Group Field Trips to three trips per day, METRO-wide.

Field Trip Tips

  • METRO suggests that you arrive at your bus stop or light rail station ten minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • Please don't stand on the curb. Wait for your bus a safe distance from all vehicular traffic. You will see and feel a textured strip on the edge of the METRORail platform. Please wait behind that strip.
  • Part of the transit education process is to know you are heading in the right direction! Check the destination sign above the windshield on the bus and signal the operator that you want to board. At the light rail station, check the directional signs posted.
  • METRO Q® Fare Cards will be provided for each rider. Each rider must tap the Q Box  upon boarding the bus, or, if using METRORail, tapping the Q Box on the Rail Platform before boarding METRORail.
  • Assist your group in finding seats quickly. If you must stand, hold onto the handrails.
  • On the bus, use the bell (rope or button) to signal you want to get off at the next bus stop. On the light rail, the train car stops at all light rail stations. Announcements as well as lit destination signs are on the light rail, so listen and watch for your stop.
  • Quickly exit the transit vehicle and gather together before anyone starts walking BUT move away from the all vehicular traffic into a safe spot.

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