The following documentaries offer a glimspe of the agency’s beginnings and an overall view of how it operates – from handling emergencies like a hurricane to moving thousands of passengers every day.

We invite you to view these and learn something new about METRO. Each documentary is about 60 minutes.

METRO Moves (8.3.09)

How do we clean, refuel and maintain them at night? Find out what the mechanics, cleaners and drivers do to make sure your bus is safe for the road. It includes a detailed pre-trip inspection with a hand-held computer, along with a special way to park the buses that immediately signal to the mechanics which buses need work.

Also, learn what happens at the ROC….and how we analyze routes, making sure we adjust routes to the places you want to go.


Path to Rail (7.28.09)

METRO’s got one of the most successful light-rail lines in the nation, based on boardings per rail car. But it was a long and rocky road getting there. Watch this documentary to learn more.


Connecting Communities (7.20.09)

If you missed our gala event celebrating our two groundbreaking ceremonies of the Southeast and North corridors, watch this documentary. The 30-minute piece captures the highlights, including speeches by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and METRO Board Chairman David S. Wolff.

The two corridor ceremonies culminated in a finale at Minute Maid Park’s Union Station. Stay tuned to the end for “the reveal.”


Communities Connected: A Look at Regional Transit (7.14.09)

Ever wish you could get from Galveston to Houston without fighting traffic? A good regional transit system would connect you to destinations in the Gulf Coast area seamlessly. Who should run regional transit and who pays for it? Listen to our panel of experts give their opinions. Communities Connected: A Look at Regional Transit features Christof Spieler of Citizens’ Transportation Coalition; Dr. Carol Lewis of Texas Southern University and Robert Muhammad of NTE Planning Consultants. It is moderated by Mike Barajas of Fox 26 News.


METRO: Ready To Respond (7.6.09)

If you’re one of the 400,000 commuters who ride our system – or one of the 40,000 rail riders – you will be pleased to know that our accredited police department is ready to respond to emergencies.

From disabled vehicles on our freeways to suspicious packages on a platform, MPD is prepared to respond to all types of emergencies, making our system one of the safest in the nation.


I Ride (6.29.09)

In this documentary, you’ll meet a young man who calls the METRO bus a party bus when he and buddies ride it to football games. A young woman takes METRO to shop for make-up at the Galleria. And an executive who hasn’t boarded a bus for 30 years tries out METRO and discovers how easy it is to visit his downtown clients.

You’ll also learn how to get a METRO Q® Fare Card – and find out about some of Houston’s best-kept secrets, all within walking distance of the Red Line.


Precious Cargo (6.22.09)

This documentary showcases the transformation of METRO’s fleet over the decades from buses that often broke down to a fleet that’s among the youngest in the nation with 100 hybrid-electric buses added every year.

Meet the men and women who work behind the scenes, helping to make our buses clean, efficient and safer. Many have worked here two or three decades – and remain passionate about what they do. 


Houston: The Road Ahead (6.15.09)

This documentary traces METRO’s humble beginnings, its rocky middle years before the 2003 referendum was passed and its current state of affairs – from its modern, hybrid-electric bus fleet to its plans of building five light-rail lines.

Howard Horne, METRO’s first chairman of the board, recounts the days when buses barely limped out of garages. Dr. Carol Lewis of Texas Southern University describes the energetic opponents to the METRO Solutions referendum.

Dr. Stephen Klineberg of Rice University explains how respondents in his 28th annual survey on Houston’s economic and demographic changes now say mass transit needs to be part of the solution to Houston’s traffic gridlock and the city’s future growth.

The program is hosted by former Channel 13 news reporter Laura Whitley.