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METRORail Fare Facts

Proof of Purchase for METRORail

TVM Q BoxMETRO police perform random fare inspections aboard our trains, to verify that passengers have paid the proper fare. If unable to show proof of purchase, passengers can be fined up to $500. The following items can be used to verify your purchase:

            • Single Ride Rail Ticket purchased at the TVM
            • METRO Q® Fare Card or METRO Day Pass, tapped on the Q Box before boarding
            • TMC METRO Q® Fare Card tapped on the Q Box before boarding (valid ONLY at Memorial Hermann/Houston Zoo, Dryden/TMC, TMC Transit Center, and Smith Lands stations)

Whether a passenger chooses to ride the bus, rail or both, they will be able to board using either a METRO fare card or cash.

METRORail Ticket
Rail tickets can be purchased using cash or a credit or debit card at any METRO Ticket Vending Machine (TVM). A one way ticket cost $1.25. METRO fare card users can also buy tickets for other riders, by using the value on their card.

Currency can be used to purchase both bus and rail fares. Cash is deposited into the farebox on board the bus. To pay your METRORail fare, insert the cash into the TVM to receive a ticket. Rail tickets must be purchased prior to boarding.

Free transfers are good for three hours of travel in the same direction, and only with a METRO fare card.

On the road with METRO's bus service.
Local Service runs mostly on city streets, stopping at designated points along its route.

Park & Ride Service is for long-distance commuting. METRO Park & Ride lots provide bus service to key destinations within the METRO service area. A one-way Park & Ride fare varies by the zone it resides in, and is based on the distance the bus travels.

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