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Motorist Assitance ProgramMETRO is a sponsor of the Motorist Assistance Program (M.A.P.) which helps stranded motorists on Houston-area freeways. Uniquely marked M.A.P. trucks and vans are equipped to handle minor automotive emergencies such as overheating, flat tires and jump-starts. Since 1989, M.A.P. operators from Harris County Sheriff’s Department and from METRO have assisted more than 100,000 motorists.

Dial 713-CALLMAP (713-225-5627) for Roadside Assistance

M.A.P. is designed to help stranded motorists on most Houston area freeways. Since 1989, over 100,000 motorists have counted on M.A.P. to get them back on the road.

It's simple!

Just dial 713-CALLMAP (713-225-5627) to report a stranded motorist. For Verizon customers, the call is free. Just dial *MAP (*627) from your Verizon phone.

It's safe!

Don't worry about who will assist you. M.A.P. vehicles are staffed with experienced uniformed METRO operators and Harris County Sheriff's Department deputies.

It's free!

M.A.P. is offered 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, free-of-charge. The M.A.P. operator will contact the City of Houston’s SafeClear program if additional services are required.

M.A.P. is offered to you as a public service by:

  • Texas Department of Transportation
  • Harris County Sheriff's Department
  • Houston Automobile Dealers Association
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Houston TranStar

For more information on M.A.P., please feel free to contact Carl Clark, the METRO M.A.P. supervisor, at 713-615-6476.