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What Is METROLift And How Does It Work?

METROLift busesMETROLift is a complementary paratransit service offered by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County in accordance with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). METROLift provides transportation for persons with disabilities who cannot board, ride or disembark from a METRO fixed-route bus, even if that bus is equipped with a wheelchair lift or ramp.

METROLift provides service using wheelchair lift vans and ramp-equipped mini-vans that accommodate persons using wheelchairs and scooters. Boarding chairs are available to assist any patron who is unable to access the van using the stairs. Please note that patrons cannot request specific vehicle types. METROLift is a curb-to-curb service with assistance beyond the curb provided when needed or requested due to disability.

METROLift transports thousands of patrons each day and we rely on our patrons to immediately inform our Dispatch Office when service issues occur. A strong partnership with our patrons enables METROLift to respond quickly to service issues, reducing wait time for our patrons. METROLift provides origin-to-destination service. All customers may request assistance at the time of scheduling their trip or on the day of service by calling METROLift dispatch at 713-225-0410 or by asking the driver at the time of pick-up or drop-off. Assistance beyond the curb will be provided at both the pick-up and drop-off as requested or as required due to unforeseen circumstances. For safety reasons, we encourage drivers to be mindful of not losing sight of their vehicle while providing customer assistance.


METROLift Is Public Transportation

METROLift is a shared-ride service. This means that each vehicle makes several stops en route to its various destinations. When scheduling, patrons may consider requesting an appointment time earlier than 8:00 a.m. if you need to be at work at 8:00 a.m. In most cases, we will get you there at the scheduled appointment time; however, an added time cushion allows for unexpected service delays. However, our goal is to meet all appointment times.


Rules Of The Road

To ensure maximum safety for you and other patrons, passengers are required to wear a METRO-furnished seatbelt while riding the METROLift vehicle. For persons using wheelchairs, passenger safety requires that a METROLift operator secure your wheelchair with specially designed tie-downs. In addition, two METROLift seatbelts are provided:

  • A seatbelt goes around you and attaches to the floor while you ride the METROLift vehicle.
  • While you are riding up or down on the wheelchair lift, a METROLift furnished seatbelt is available, but not required.

All METROLift passengers must remain in place until the vehicle has stopped and the driver has removed the seatbelt and wheelchair securements. Under the ADA, standees are permitted on paratransit van lifts.

Vehicle Seating
METROLift has no assigned seating in vehicles. Drivers may recommend a seat location to facilitate the loading and unloading of customers.

All children under 2 years and/or under 40 pounds must travel in an approved child seat furnished by the parent or person accompanying the child, regardless of the vehicle type.

City Ordinance
City of Houston Ordinance 77-1667 forbids passengers from smoking, eating or drinking in the vehicle.

Service Animals
Guide dogs and service animals are permitted. You must tell the reservations operator that you will be traveling with a service animal each time you make a trip reservation to ensure space is reserved. Non service pets are allowed to travel only in an animal carrier transported by the patron.

Patrons must be able to handle their own packages. Patrons may carry only the number of packages that they can handle safely while riding a METROLift vehicle. The driver can assist with a reasonable number of packages (3 to 4) in and out of the vehicle, but the patron must handle the packages beyond the curb or make arrangements for assistance.

Disruptive Behavior
METRO is not required to accommodate individuals with disabilities who engage in violent, seriously disruptive or illegal conduct, or individuals who present a direct threat to the health or safety of others. METROLift customers are responsible for the conduct of their personal care attendants and /or guests, including children.

Telephone Calls Are Recorded
METROLift records and monitors passenger calls to our office to ensure courteous phone service.