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METRO Star vanpoolDriver FAQs

Q: What are my basic responsibilities?
A: You are the key to a successful vanpool! As the driver, your primary
responsibilities are to drive sensibly, be reliable and take care of the van.

Q: Do I benefit from being a driver versus being a rider?
A: At the group's discretion, the driver may ride for free. The driver has limited personal use of the van during non-commute hours.

Q: What happens if I am ill or on vacation?
A: Each vanpool will need to have one or two approved back-up drivers. In the event that the primary driver is ill or on vacation, a back-up driver will take over duties as needed.

Q: What kind of ground rules are set for the vanpool?
A: Each group makes its own rules. As the driver, you are responsible for settling issues among the group; however, if there is a concern you cannot resolve, we will be happy to assist you.

Q: What about insurance for the van?
A: Each van has complete comprehensive insurance coverage for the van up to one million dollars.

Q: What does the monthly fare cover on the van?
A: The monthly lease payment covers the van lease, insurance and maintenance. The monthly passenger fare includes their share of the van lease as well as fuel, parking, tolls, cleaning, etc. that are needed for the van. The van is leased on a month-to-month basis.

Q: What about maintenance for the van?
A: STAR will be responsible for all maintenance and repair of the van. If your van needs to be kept overnight, a back up van will also be available.

Q: What should I do if I need some additional riders?
A: Contact STAR’s office at 713 224-RIDE or 1-888-606-RIDE. We will be glad to check our database for additional riders and provide you with the names and phone numbers of prospective riders. 


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