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Employer Incentives

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Helping You Help Your Business

There's no better way to keep your work force in motion than with METRO's services. After a long, stressful drive, work is the last thing on employees' minds. That's why, in today's competitive business environment, transportation issues have become a primary concern for many organizations and METRO has the solution. Whether you choose bus services, vanpooling, carpooling or a combination, you're sure to find an option that benefits your company and employees.

Tax Benefits

Finding A Better Way To Commute

Encouraging your employees to share a ride will help them arrive on time, while helping to reduce congestion on the road and in your company's parking lot. You'll also be better able to recruit workers from outlying areas who wouldn't otherwise be willing to endure a long commute. As an employer, you'll notice increased productivity, an improved work atmosphere, plus fewer "sick days" being taken. These are important ingredients that are sure to boost employee morale and your company's bottom line.

Companies that share the cost of a ride also stand to gain when they offer transportation benefit programs to their employees. By providing these benefits, your company can reduce its payroll taxes. Employees, too, can reduce their taxes by using pre-tax dollars to pay their commuting costs.

Getting Started

Launching your company's program is easy and free! METRO will analyze your company's current transportation situation through zip code density maps and employee transportation surveys. We will help promote STAR services to your employees via workshops and transportation fairs, and assist employees in starting a vanpool or carpool. We even provide discounts to qualified van riders.

METRO's commuting solutions can reduce your company's parking expenditures, help you recruit and retain key staff, and improve your employee benefit package with tax-free commuter assistance. That's because METRO's programs work to help your employees as well as your business - all at no cost to you!

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