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Bikes On Buses

Bus frontMETRO supports alternative modes of transit and supports cyclists to use transit services to extend their reach while commuting. METRO buses are equipped with racks that will accommodate two to three bikes, depending on the vehicle type.

To learn about bringing your bike on METRORail.

Our low-floor fleet is equipped with bike racks that can help you navigate congested streets on your way to work, school and other destinations. Bicycles may also be stowed on our high-floor buses using the designated baggage compartment.

Keep in mind that before METRO can install a bike rack it must 1. Ensure that the operator has a good field of vision, 2. Determine that the overhang does not negatively affect bus maneuverability, and 3. See if the bus can structurally handle a bike rack.

How to load bike on bus rack 1  

How-To Load Your Bike Onto the Rack
1. Squeeze the handle up to release the latch and then fold down the bike rack.
2. Lift your bike onto the rack. Be sure to place the front wheel into the slot labeled “front wheel here.”
3. Raise the support arm up and over the tire, so that the hook rests at the highest point on the front wheel.

Note: A fold-up bike that is stored in its own carrying case may be brought aboard any METRO service as a carry-on. Remember to remove all loose items from your bike (ex: bottles, air pumps).

How-To Unload Your Bike from the Rack  
1. Raise the support arm off of the tire and fold down into the secure position.
2. Lift your bike out of the rack.
3. Squeeze the handle and fold up the bike rack.
4. Step away from the bus and move to the curb, allowing the bus to proceed.

Note: Bus Operators are not allowed to assist you with your bike, however it is important to alert them that you will be loading/unloading your bike.

Video on loading and unloading your bike.

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Tips To Keep In Mind

  1. On low-floor buses, you must operate the rack, and load and unload your own bicycle.
    • If the rack is empty when you remove your bicycle, please place the rack in the upright position.
    • If the rack is full when it arrives at your destination, please wait for the next bus.
  2. On high-floor buses, you must open and close the designated bay door.
    • Please be courteous when placing your bicycle in the bay or accessing your bicycle at the end of your trip.
  3. METRO is not responsible for any damage to bicycles.
  4. As a reminder, bicycles are permitted on METRORail. METRORail Bicycle Guidelines.

Important Numbers
METRO’s Lost & Found Department: 713-658-0854
Customer Care Center: 713-635-4000

Mason Creek Hike & Bike Trails Fact Sheet (PDF)

State of Texas Bicycle Laws

Bike Route Maps



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