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Rail Safety

Car crossing the railMETRORail service is running. For your safety, the rail line is separated from the roadway by large, raised white domes that warn drivers to stay off the tracks. Pedestrians need to be aware of trains as well. It is essential you learn and understand the rules of METRORail.


            • Do not walk in front of, between or behind the trains.
            • Trains can start quickly regardless of traffic flow.
            • Do not drive, stop or park your vehicle on the tracks. It’s dangerous and against the law.


            • Always cross the tracks at designated pedestrian crossings, and only when it is safe to do so.
            • Always look both ways before crossing the tracks. Trains travel in both directions.
            • Always look for and obey all warning devices: flashing lights, signals and crossing gates. Police will ticket violators.


  • Always stay alert. METRORail is quieter than a bus. You may not hear it coming.
  • Always listen for train horns, whistles and signal bells.
  • Always follow instructions from workers and police officers.

And Never…

  • Never race a train or run in front of a train.
  • Never try to beat the train to a crossing. Even with a tie you lose.
  • Never drive around crossing gate arms.
  • Never stand on or near the tracks.
  • Never put anything on or near the tracks.

A Step in the Right Direction

Learn how METRORail will change the way you walk along different areas of the rail line.

Drive Safely

Remember these simple rules when driving along the rail line.

When it comes to safety, YOU are your own best defense. Make safety a part of your everyday life. Learn the rules of METRORail that will help keep you safe.

Remember, safety starts with you..