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Prime Contractor Payment Verification

METRO requires contractors to make payments to their subcontractors within five (5) days after the contractor receives their payment from METRO. The list below shows payments METRO made to contractors this week. 

Follow these steps to determine when you can expect your payment from your contractor.

  1. Check the contractor payment list weekly for METRO payments to your prime contractor.
  2. You may be due a payment from your contractor if you submitted your invoice to your contractor before the listed invoice date. If not sure, contact your contractor to find out if your invoice was included.
  3. In calculating the five (5) day period, please allow time for mail and/or delivery of payments to subcontractors.
  4. If you do not receive payment within 10 days of the payment date, contact your contractor for the status of your payment.
  5. If you have any questions or have not received payment from your contractor, call the project manager for assistance.
CT1000100 Vanpool Management Services 2 Plus of Texas, Inc 11/4/14 12/5/14 David McMaster (713) 739-3895
RA0800014 Remediation Oversight Services Arcadis U.S. Inc. 10/15/14 12/5/14 Stephen Gradner (713) 739-6061
RA1000001 Program and Project Control Services Atkins North America, Inc. 10/21/14 12/5/14 Mark Murphy (713) 652-4339
RS0800011 Tire lease and service for transit Bridgestone/Firestone 10/21/14 12/2/14 Donald Robinson (713) 739-6524
CT1300041 Burnett Street Desig Dannenbaum Engineering Corp. 11/10/14 12/5/14 Frederic Childs (713) 739-6007
CT1300007 Turnkey Operation of METRO's NW-BOF First Transit Inc. 11/4/14 12/5/14 Ninfa Muench (713) 739-3760
CT0800035 METROLift Wheelchair Accesible Vehicle Transportation Services Greater Houston Transportation Co 11/5/14 12/5/14 Ninfa Muench (713) 739-3760
CT1100028 METROLift Services MV Transportation Inc. 11/18/14 12/5/14 Ninfa Muench (713) 739-3760
RC1300001 METRO Traffic & Transportation Systems Pfeiffer & Son, Ltd. 10/31/14 12/5/14 Walter Langford (713) 652-4377
RC1300001 METRO Traffic & Transportation Systems Pfeiffer & Son, Ltd. 11/3/14 12/5/14 Walter Langford (713) 652-4377

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