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Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle Award

METRO has a 1 percent sales and use tax imposed within METRO’s service area for transit activities. By voter mandate, METRO dedicates up to 25 percent of its sales tax for the General Mobility Program. Most of this funding is passed on to the city of Houston, Harris County and 14 multi-cities for general mobility projects.

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*ABOUT OUR REGISTER DATA:You can view METRO’s register data several ways. Choose the month you wish to view, and then sort on any of the available columns, by clicking on the heading of that column. We also offer two options for downloading at the bottom of the register data.

Check Register


DatePayeeDescriptionCheck No.Amount
Page size:
 1101 items in 111 pages
5-09-2015TEXAS CHILD SUPPORT STATE 1000009$46,317.35
5-23-2015TEXAS CHILD SUPPORT STATE 1000024$45,989.73
5-27-2015RZV LTD COP150009211478$17,380.50
5-27-2015S & C DISTRIBUTION COMPAN420002210511479$1,934.00
5-27-2015SIEMENS INDUSTRY INC420002160811480$123,410.50
5-27-2015SIEMENS INDUSTRY INC420001898111481$11,388.77
5-27-2015SOUTHERN TIRE MART420002200211482$4,460.90
5-27-2015SPORTWORKS NORTHWEST INC420002209711483$535.00
5-27-2015STAR SERVICE INCCT1400031 CASSANDRA ROBBINS11484$8,289.45


JP Morgan Chase Purchase Card Register


DatePayeeDescriptionCheck No.Amount
Page size:
 1177 items in 118 pages
1-06-2015TRACTOR-SUPPLY-CO #044animal trap1013413$169.99
1-06-2015LABS INDUSTRIAL HOSBrass Fittings1013413$91.40
1-06-2015SUMMIT REFRIGERANTSBrass Fittings1013413$322.00
1-06-2015HOUSTON MEDICAL SERVICContract parking - D&A program1013413$125.00
1-06-2015WW GRAINGERCREDIT (Mini Cam Lock, Wing Driver)1013413 
1-06-2015TURTLE AND HUGHES INCElectrical Supplies for Downtown TC1013413$699.74
1-06-2015IN *FREEDOM TERMITE &Exterminating Fleet Service1013413$450.00
1-06-2015TRIPLES STEEL HOLDINFSC repair walls1013413$340.00
1-06-2015TRIPLES STEEL HOLDINFSC wall protector install1013413$235.10


Risk Management Register


DatePayeeCheck No.Amount
Page size:
 711 items in 72 pages
2-02-2015The Crim Law Firm, P.C. ...315108$20,000.00
2-02-2015Bucsanyi Family Mgmt Cor...315109$5,856.79
2-02-2015Bucsanyi Family Mgmt Cor...315110$5,000.51
2-02-2015Enterprise Leasing Compa...315111$354.02
2-02-2015Archer Kia Inc315112$105.00
2-02-2015Gates & Gates, LTD dba T...315113$195.61
2-02-2015Gates & Gates, LTD dba T...315113$302.40
2-02-2015Martin R. Steiner, M.D.315114$1,300.00
2-02-2015Rapid Appraisal Services...315115$70.00
2-02-2015Republic Services, Inc. ...315116$100.00


Payroll Register




Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, gives you the right to access government records; and an officer for public information and the officer’s agent may not ask why you want them. All government information is presumed to be available to the public. Certain exceptions may apply to the disclosure of the information. Governmental bodies shall promptly release requested information that is not confidential by law, either constitutional, statutory, or by judicial decision, or information for which an exception to disclosure has not been sought.

Requests For Document Under The Texas Public Information Act (TPIA):
Jacqueline Hojem,
Public Information Officer
Designated Contact For TPIA Requests:
Jacqueline Hojem:
Metropolitan Transit Authority
P.O. Box 61429
Houston, TX 77208-1429
Direct Phone: 713-739-4071
Facsimile: 713-739-4699 Attn: Jacqueline Hojem
Responsibilities & Procedures (PDF)
Ley de Información Pública (PDF)
Record Fees (PDF)


Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle

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