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Refund Criteria

Value added to a METRO Q® Fare Card or METRO Day Pass is non-refundable, unless the patron has moved out of the service area and can document that he or she is no longer capable of using METRO’s services.

  1. No refunds are available to unregistered METRO fare card holders.
  2. No cash refunds are given.
  3. No refund will be made after the fare media has expired.
  4. No refund will be made because the patron had decided they no longer wish to utilize METRO’s services.
  5. The customer who originally purchased the fare item maybe eligible to receive a refund by meeting one of the following criteria:
    • Has become permanently disabled (certified).
    • Has suffered a long-term illness during three-fourths (3/4) of the validity period of the fare media item and has medical documentation to that effect.
    • Has moved out of the geographical METRO service area and has conclusive evidence to that effect (i.e. utility bill).
    • Has experienced a job relocation and has definitive evidence to that effect and that the move precludes the use of the bus, rail or METROLift service for which the fare media item was purchased.
    • The customer who purchased the fare item is now deceased and his descendent has proof – for example, a newspaper clipping, funeral announcement or a copy of the death certificate. The METRO fare card in question must have been registered.  

Call 713-635-4000 and follow the prompt for the METRO fare card help desk.