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METRO Transit AcademyCommunication is key to a successful partnership. And we'd like to build on that relationship by inviting you to be a part of the METRO Transit Academy. The Transit Academy will explore the complex linkages between transit, funding, economic development and sustainability through seven interactive sessions. By joining the academy, you'll help us improve the dialogue between METRO and the community, allowing us to continue building the world-class transit system our region deserves.

What is the METRO Transit Academy?
METRO Transit Academy is a transit education program for emerging community leaders. The purpose of the Transit Academy is to enhance awareness about METRO, create partnerships with the community and to develop transit advocacy in the Houston region.

A key component of the program is that participants will take their new knowledge and put it to use by designing individual action plans that they will implement in their community.

group photo on locationProgram Participant Criteria
The Transit Academy will be limited to a class of 25 participants, who will be selected based on the following:

  • Applicants must live or work in the Houston METRO region.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability and commitment to make future contributions to transportation, community development, healthy living and improving the quality of life in Houston.
  • Ability to participate in all sessions.


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The inaugural class of the METRO Transit Academy led community leaders into the nuts-and-bolts of all things METRO. Watch METRO Matters to hear Karen Marshall, academy principal, tell why this was important. Plus, meet one of the students, who didn't want to stop coming to class when it was over.

Runs about 15 minutes.

Group photo Group photo Group photo
Class I Graduates - 3/29/12
Meredith Alberto
Patricia Hiebeler
Malisa Janes
James Llamas
Claire Loe
Mike McMahon
Marcia Perry
Elizabeth Referente
Janis Scott
Roland Strobel
Santos Villar
Susan Young
Class II Graduates - 8/1/12
Noël Bezette
John Branch
Richard Cantú
Jane Cummins
Eric Dargan
Hershel Donny
Dexter Handy
Robert Jackson
Carlos Lacayo
Jessica Lockrem
Frances Robinson-Hunt
Elaine Roberts
Theresa Rodriguez
Krislynn Thompson
Dick Yehle
Class III Graduates - 3/6/13
Peggy Adolph
Cornelius Booker
Ruby Glass
Ellen Goudeau
Will Matthews
Maria Palacios
Toya Ramirez
Carey Reagan
Yvette Scales
Suzanna Set
Sherry Wright
Group photo


Class IV Graduates - 11/13/13
Matthew Brown
Fernando Cisneroz
Carolyn Franklin
Ben Gillis
Ashlea Graves
Mary Itz
Lionardo Matamores
Dominic Mazoch
Eric Mei
Rachelle Moody
Timothy Mose
Kara Niles
Amanda Nohr
Barrett  Ochoa
Vicki Garrett Pinkston
Jose Ramirez, Jr.
Alesia Shealey
Man (Robert) Tai
Tiffany Thomas
Audrey Trotti
Margo Williams
Valorie Williams


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