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Accessible Bus Featuresmetrorail accessible

  • Ramps or lifts on all of our buses for riders using wheelchairs or scooters, or ambulatory riders who have difficulty reaching the first step.
  • Two priority seating areas for elderly and people with disabilities, equipped with an easy-to-reach stop call bell and special safety belts designed to secure patrons who use a wheelchair or scooter.
  • Bus pads, sidewalk links and curb cuts at most of our 10,500 bus stops.
  • Solid, square bus poles at all bus stops.
  • Bus stop announcements, both audible and visual, at major stops, main intersections and transfer points along the route.
  • Large, bright destination signs on the front and side of the bus.
  • Lighted “Stop Request” signs inside the bus for the riders with hearing impairments.
  • 21 transit centers, connecting bus routes in neighborhoods for safe and easy transfers from one route to another.
  • Major transit centers located downtown and the Texas Medical Center, connecting METRO bus routes to the accessible METRORail.
  • For accessibility related to bus stops and shelters call 713-635-4000.

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Accessibility Features of METRO Services List (PDF)


Accessible Rail Features



Rail Trains

  • All trains compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • All doors are 32 inches wide; doors open automatically.
  • Level platform boarding, hydraulic leveling system.
  • Four wheelchair flip-up seats with embroidered wheelchair emblem on the seat backs.
  • Door closing annunciators, both flashing light and audible.
  • Doors open at all stations without riders' assistance.
  • Visual and audible announcements inside train in English and Spanish.
  • Audible announcement of left or right exiting before doors open.

Station Platforms

  • All rail station platforms 100 percent ADA-compliant.
  • Sloped ramp access from both ends of level boarding platforms.
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS) on all platforms.
  • Audible announcements in English and Spanish.
  • Exit (left or right) announcements in English and Spanish.
  • Contrast colored, 24-inch tactile warning strips with truncated domes, marking the edge of the platform and continue onto the crosswalk.
  • Bridging policy - when rail is not-working – the accessible bus bridge policy goes into action.

Field Personnel
Rail field supervisors are on duty during hours of operation to assist patrons with disabilities, if needed. 

Discounted Fare Information
METRO bus and METRORail discounted fares for seniors and persons with disabilities.



METROLift Fleet

MACS-WEB METROLift’s Automated Computer System   


Click here to use MACS-WEB.

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The METROLift Program Guide will introduce you to METROLift transportation and provide the basic information you need to use the service. Upon request, this information is available in other formats.

It is important that patrons know METROLift is a shared-ride public transit service. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), travel times and the timeliness of service are comparable to fixed-route bus service. Please read this policy brochure carefully to familiarize yourself with the type and level of service that METROLift provides. Remember that you have a responsibility to use accessible fixed-route METRO bus service when possible.

Our goal is to provide safe and reliable transportation. If, after reading this manual, you have questions regarding METROLift, please phone the METROLift Customer Service Department at 713-225-0119.

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Download METRO Accessibility Features Short List (PDF)
Download MACS-WEB Ad Flyer (PDF)
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